Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy contains an explanation of how to use the information you provide to us and how to contact us if you have any questions and problems.

1. What information do we need?

If you decide to subscribe to the project posted on our website, we ask you for information such as your name, phone number and e-mail address. This is explained by the following considerations. We regularly prepare relevant proposals. Your interest in specific products suggests that other products may be interesting and useful to you. In order to inform you about these proposals and provide access to them, we need to send you an information letter. In addition, we conduct a survey to find out your opinion about our products, as well as your wishes. Before you give us someone else's personal information, be sure to get permission of appropriate persons. Make sure that you provide correct and accurate information.

2. What do we do with your personal information?

We use your e-mail address, phone number and your name for the following purposes:

  • to provide you with information of products and services, and conducting surveys in order to determine the information that you need;
  • to process your requests;
  • to send news and promotional information about products, services, special offers, products and services to the extent permitted by applicable law, or according to your wishes (see. section below "unsubscribe");
  • to send service messages (for example, notification of the completion of manufacture of your order).

3. Who else has access to personal information?

To carry out the distribution, we use the Yandex postal service. This service processes your personal information (ie e-mail, and the name, specified by you) so that we can send you an email with access to your chosen product or to inform you about new relevant information marketing products online, or to conduct a survey to identify the information you need. In exceptional circumstances we may disclose your personal information if it required by law or to protect ourselves and others from unlawful acts or other hazards.

4. Cookies

Our website contains cookies. Cookies - are small text files that are sent to visitor’s computer to account his actions. Cookies are used on our website to personalize visits records, study the behavior of visitors on the website and record their actions. You can disable cookies in your browser settings. It will be appreciated, however, that in this case, some functions will not be available or may not work properly.

5. Safety

We take reasonable steps to minimize the possibility of loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access to your personal information, destruction, modification or disclosure. At the same time, we can not guarantee the absolute elimination of the risk of unauthorized misuse of personal information. We kindly ask you very carefully approach to storing passwords to the accounts and not report them to anyone else (if we are talking about products that contain passwords). Please contact us immediately if it becomes known about any violation of information security (eg unauthorized use of your password).

6. Unsubscribe

If you no longer wish to receive letters from us, please follow the link provided at the bottom of any of our letters.

7. Contacts

If you have any questions and / or problems associated with the security policy and security of your personal information, please contact address: info.marcomoni@gmail.com