Each carpet`s model can be made in different colours and can be complement with all sorts of elements. As a result of this design decision, you always get an exclusive, unique product that answers your needs and corresponds to the main trends of contemporary style.


The main material in the manufacture of carpets is the fine leather. It has excellent quality and variety of stuffs: crocodile stamped, reptile, alligator, ostrich, python, floral ornament and matting. Our leather is rich in colour and has variety of treatments: glossy, matte, nubuk, laminated, foil.

Fur Collection includes a unique, laser cutting, foiling gold and silver, leather lamination and metallization, as well as perforated patterns that will be the special appeal of any carpet.

Take care of your health

We care about the health of our customers. All our carpets are hypoallergenic.


Our carpets have a high wear resistance, so there are ideal for children's rooms and rooms with pets. Carpet cleaning is the same as leather and fur products – usual dry method.

Production terms

Carpet manufacture from the catalogue will take about 4-6 weeks, the period of individual orders - 6-8 weeks.