If you want to enrich your home with decoration details, to give its special atmosphere, our experts will be happy to suggest you how to achieve this.

The real secret to a unique product is always in the complexity of its implementation and the special designer vision. Achieving the perfect quality Italian brand MarcoMoni gives you the possibility to create unusual carpets, combining the colours, textures of fur and fine leather. You can emphasize the exceptional identity of each room selecting the necessary combinations of fine leather and fur.

Carpet is made of fine leather and fur by MarcoMoni, tailored to your sketch and desire, as well as selected materials is your new reality.

In addition to the floor or wall carpets, decorative elements can become exclusive and spectacular details: different sizes and shapes leather-covered boxes and trailers for dressing rooms, bedside puffs, stylish cushions and napkin holders, that can also be create from the selected fine leather.

With the help of expert approach and inexhaustible imagination of our designers, leather can use with stylistically extraordinary and elegant effect the entire interior, even in small details. And as you know, small details are the highlight of any interior.

Carpets are made of fine leather and fur by MarcoMoni you can decorate not only your home, but also hotels, yachts, ships, offices, representative and public buildings. For such premises the status and special atmosphere are one of the main components of successful negotiations or comfort.

To get this goal as soon as possible, you need to consider individually every interior detail of the design.

Our carpets are the special part of your interior.

Do you want to be a unique? Create your detailed interior with fine leather and fur carpets by MarcoMoni.