Rugs and carpets by MarcoMoni

MarcoMoni will clear the magnificent world of carpets and rugs made of fine leather and fur.

We`ll show you creative way your new interior with our carpets of high quality leather and fur. The fact that we know about carpets is your new aesthetics of your being and your life lightness.

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  • Quality guarantee

    At MarcoMoni we are experts in leather carpets. We get a invariably high quality in each of our product and it`s all about to the skills of our experts. We make our products from fine leather and fur by first-rate Italian producers.

  • Hand made quality

    Our craftsmen carefully hand-cut absolutely all the elements presented in the products, and that`s why we can achieve the highest quality and beauty, the whole-floor carpet`s effect and reliability.

  • Identity

    Leather and fur carpets by MarcoMoni are your new reality. All these carpets and rugs complete under your sketch and desire, well-tailored and reliable, and we also use your personally selected materials.

New products

We are proud of carpets and rugs that we offer to our clients.
We would like to bring to your attention a few novelties.

24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
45×30 см
ø27×10,5h см, ø29×12,5h см, ø31×14,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
24×12,5×7,5h см
29×29×14,5h см, 31×31×16,5 h см, 33×33×18,5 h см
Carpet Ø100 см, Dish napkin Ø36 см, Coaster Ø12 см
210×288 см
250×140 см
420×240×80 см
260×210 см
220×220 см
Young, talented, creative and ambitious designers from Italy, England and France elaborate all carpet models for MarcoMoni. They are really in love with their work.

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